Frames/Eye Wear

You & Eye Optical carry a variety of designer frames including bold statement, super light weight, large & round shape and, transparent frames. Come take a look and we will help you find a suitable eye wear just for you! 


Tom Ford

Contact Lenses

Despite the fact that glasses are now considered 'cool' and 'awesome', if you wish to be glasses-free, consult with our eye doctor today! There are many contact lens options to suit your needs such as UV protection, cosmetic, and so much more! 

Safety Glasses & Sports Goggles Rx

Are you a welder, construction worker, carpenter, engineer, or in any field of occupation that requires safety eye-wear? We have a huge range of ANSI, CSA approved safety glasses from UVEX, OnGuard, Leader and ArmouRX!

Not only the safety eyeglasses, we carry also variety and unique collections for the prescription sports goggles such as Tennis, Basket Ball, Swimming, Ski, and Bike, etc.



There is no such thing as a "sunglasses season". They can be trendy fashion items, but they also protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Invest in a nice pair to prevent progression of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Ray Ban sunglasses

UV-ray Active Self Tinting Lenses

There is a variety of color available to choose from: Pioneer (Grey-Green), Blue, Extra Grey, Grey and, Brown.

With advance Zeiss technology, the color change is faster than ever.

Zeiss photofusion